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Online Piano Lessons for Kids

Details: Learn at home with Mr. Hoffman’s proven method. As an expert educator and pianist, Mr. Hoffman makes learning piano accessible to everyone. Go at your own pace, from the comfort of home—and join the tens of thousands of students around the world who have become confident musicians through the Hoffman Academy. Explore the Method.

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Premium Online Piano Lessons

Details: Video Lessons. Whether you want to master the basics or grasp advanced music theory concepts, our 300+ videos make it easy and fun to learn piano online.

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Lessons Hoffman Academy

Details: Skills. Playing and identifying all 24 major and minor triads. Reading chord symbols and improvising an accompaniment from a lead sheet. Using a metronome to help build speed in playing a fast song. New finger power exercises based on Charles-Louis Hanon’s famous exercises. Playing the ii7 chord.

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Lessons Hoffman Academy

Details: What You’ll Learn. New rhythm: Half Note - what it means and how it works; Dictate the rhythm of the song "Chocolate." Review all rhythms learned so far: Quarter Note, Quarter Rest, Eighth Notes

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Learn Piano Online With The Hoffman Method

Details: The Hoffman Method A whole new way to learn piano!. At Hoffman Academy, you’ll learn piano by playing real songs on day one. It’s what we call experience before explanation.It’s fun, builds confidence, and leads to better results.

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Welcome Hoffman Academy

Details: Welcome to Hoffman Academy! We're excited for you to learn piano with us! To customize your learning experience, we need to ask a few simple questions to set up your account. It will only take a minute, and then onward to the music making!

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Do Online Piano Lessons Really Work

Details: Online learning is here to stay. Most colleges and even some high schools now offer online courses. Studies show that this kind of learning can be just as effective as traditional classroom lectures, such as this research from MIT, but can you learn something like the piano online?Musical instruments aren’t usually taught in a classroom.

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What Is the Best Age to Begin Piano Lessons

Details: People can start piano at 60, at 70, at 80, even later. Your brain can still form new connections at any age. You can always learn new skills. For those who start later in life, learning the piano may take a little more patience. Most teens and adults are used to being good at things.

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Lesson 4: Finding C, D, & E on the Piano Hoffman Academy

Details: How to identify the keys C, D, and E on the piano. + 9,999. Activity successfully completed! Continue to next activity. Upgrade to Premium. Access all our premium features when you upgrade. Premium features include all the downloadable materials (printable pages and audio tracks) and access to all games and practice sessions.

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Joseph Hoffman Hoffman Academy

Details: He conducted the 300-voice University Chorale and taught courses for music majors in music theory, conducting and sightsinging. In order to help pay his way through grad school, Mr. Hoffman began teaching piano lessons to kids in the neighborhood. He wanted his students to love music and piano playing as much as he did, but he struggled to find

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Lesson 37: The V7 Chord Hoffman Academy

Details: By the way your courses are the absolute best I could find on the Internet, great job really. Many thanks. Log in to Reply. Hoffman Academy Nov 17, 2018 12:50pm Hi! We’re glad you’re enjoying the lessons! There isn’t a technical term for chords that sound good with notes. However, “harmonious” is a general term for music that sounds nice.

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Lesson 3: Musical Alphabet Hoffman Academy

Details: Learn the musical alphabet with pianist Joseph Hoffman. Great way to introduce the ABC's of music to children ages 5+

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Lesson 7: Finding F & G on the Piano Hoffman Academy

Details: Thank you so much for these easy to follow courses. I’m a singer who always wanted to learn keyboards. This is fun and easy… I’ll be getting premium as soon as I have the money. Log in to Reply. Hoffman Academy Aug 31, 2017 5:37pm You’re very welcome! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the videos and finding them helpful.

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Lesson 25: Rain Come Wet Me Hoffman Academy

Details: Hello Mr.Hoffman, I really enjoy your online courses. I’m just curious, do you use your own method books for piano teaching? Log in to Reply. Hoffman Academy Jul 14, 2017 8:59am Hello! Yes, I do teach using a method that I developed. You can learn

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